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select tracks from "Besides" - released in 2012
US/Worldwide - on The Major Label
available on Vinyl & all digital platforms only
Japan - on Thistime Records
"Besides" is a compilation of b-sides, rarities & unreleased songs
Produced by Bleu
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select tracks from "Four" - released in 2010
US - on The Major Label/Redeye Distribution
UK/EU - on Lojinx
Produced by Bleu with Ducky Carlisle
except "I'll Know It When I See It" produced with Dorian Crozier
and "Everything Is Fine" with Roger Joseph Manning Jr. 
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select tracks from "A Watched Pot" - released in 2009
on Artist Garage/Fontana Distribution
Produced by John Fields
except "I Won't Fuck You Over (This Time)," "When The Lights Go Out," "What Now?" and "What Kinda Man Am I?" produced by Bleu
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Bleu "Redhead" by Bleutopia

select tracks from "Redhead" - released in 2003
on Columbia/Aware Records
Produced by John Fields
co-produced by Bleu
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select tracks from "Headroom" - released in 2000
on Lunch Records
Produced by Bleu
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select tracks from "A Bing Bang Holidang" - released in 1999
on Maid Records
Produced by Bleu



LoudLion is currently unreleased
LoudLion is meant to be Bleu's 2nd homage CD (L.E.O. being the 1st), to Mutt Lange and Def Leppard. Original songs "in the style of" featuring Taylor Locke (Bleu's co-creator & main partner in LoudLion, most widely known as the lead guitarist for Rooney). LoudLion also features Adam Ross (Rihanna), Allison Robertson (The Donnas), Maclaine Diemer (Bang Camaro), John Fields (uber producer), and Dylan Halacy (Bang Camaro).
All songs produced by Bleu
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The Major Labels "Aquavia" - self released in 2008
The Major Labels are Mike Viola, Bleu and Ducky Carlisle. Three cult pop heroes who came together to make the record that they always wanted to hear. This power-pop trio brings to life an authentic mix of 60's/70's am radio. McCartney, Nilsson, XTC, 10CC, to be sure, but The Major Labels don't sound like parody, they sound like peers.
All songs produced by The Major Labels
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coming soon to iTunes
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L.E.O. - Alpacas Orgling

select tracks from L.E.O. "Alpacas Orgling" - released in 2006
on Cheap Lullaby Records
L.E.O. is a power-pop-collective that has become a Traveling Wilburys-esque creative outlet for a gang of like-minded musician/producers. It was originally conceived by Bleu and includes the diverse talents of Andy Sturmer (Jellyfish), Mike Viola (The Candy Butchers), Jason Scheff (Chicago), Steve Gorman (The Black Crowes), Matt Mahaffey (Self), John Fields (producer), Tony Goddess (pApAs fritAs), Hanson, Eric Barao (The Cautions), Scott Simons (The Argument), Paula Kelley, among others...
All songs executive produced by Bleu
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select tracks from The Blizzard Of '05 - released in 2007
The Blizzard Of '05 is a collection of songs by Bleu. All the songs represent a specific time and mood in his life. They were mostly recorded live in the studio during the bitter-cold Boston winter of '05, and as the title of the project indicates, many of the songs were indeed recorded while Bleu and his band mates were literally stuck in the studio during... THE BLIZZARD OF '05.
All songs produced by Bleu
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