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Q Magazine - UK's biggest music magazine 29
  "Four is a bright, buzzy pop-rock affair, handsomely decorated with strings, horns and even a prancing harpsichord on the sumptuous Everything Is Fine..."
- Peter Kane
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Classic Rock Magazine - 7 Stars
  "The infectious opener Singin' In Tongues is a guaranteed festival crowd pleaser, while the quirky, up-close-and-personal I'm In Love With My Lover is a potentially huge hit (a la Extreme's More Than Words) that could bring Bleu festival status."
- Hugh Fielder
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Kickstarter - 2010 award for Best Music Project 27
  "In 2010 alone there were more than 1,140 successful music projects on Kickstarter, but one project in particular stands out: Bleu."

The Sunday Times Culture Magazine UK - 4 Star CD review 26
  "When the Shit Hits the Fan, a song that, given a different title, you could imagine soaking up airtime with its crooning, swooning MOR blowsiness. The latter is just one of many glittering pop gems on an album studded with the things."
- DC
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BlogCritics 25
  "Poppishly addictive. “Dead in the Mornin’” is a compelling gospel track where the singer imagines skipping out on his credit card bills and willing all his possessions to friends and listeners..."
- Bill Sherman

2010 Best Of mentions! 24
  Buzz Bands LA - favorite local albums of the year #29 - Click Here
PowerPop Square - Top 10 #1 - Click Here
Popblerd - Top 40 albums #28 - Click Here

Berklee News - When Album Funding's a Crowd 23
  Berklee College of Music takes a look at new music business models for students, faculty and alumni, mainly Kickstarter, and interviewed Bleu: "the most smashing Berklee success so far."
Article by Danielle Dreilinger

City's Best, Los Angeles - interview & review 22
  "Four is populated with rousing rockers, heartfelt ballads and twisted pop – all topped off with the irresistibly hooky "B.O.S.T.O.N."
- Michael Berick

Powerpopaholic 21
  "It feels like Bleu crammed everything he wanted to do here and every track has a compelling melody. The cherry on top is the Roger Manning Jr. collaboration "Everything Is Fine" making this my favorite "missed" classic of 2010."
- Aaron

Boston Music Awards 20
  Bleu wins "Best Boston Artist That Doesn't Live In Boston" at the 2010 Boston Music Awards

Hypebot.com - An Argument For Fan Funding:  19
  "I'd Rather Be Owned By My Fans Than By A Record Company."
Read Bleu's discussion with Kyle Bylin of Hypebot on the topic of fan funding a CD release and the possible future for this model.
  http://www.hypebot.com/ (direct link)

American Songwriter - “Have Bleu Write A Song For You” Contest 15
  "Acclaimed singer-songwriter Bleu wants to write a song just for you. Enter the American Songwriter contest to get a personally-crafted tune written for you by a hit recording artist who’s collaborated with everyone from Mike Viola to Joe Jonas, and who’s just-released album, FOUR, finds him at at the top of his game."
- American Songwriter featured contest and interview (Contest ends Dec. 15, 2010)

All Music Guide 14
  "Bleu cycles through pop tunes like he’s competing in the Tour de France, unveiling hook after hook with nary a gap in energy. ...he’s relegated to power pop cult royalty, and Four extends his reign a little bit longer."
- Andrew Leahey

Steve Clayton USA - Featured Artist 18
  See what Steve Clayton has to say about Bleu and what Bleu has to say about their Acetal, Rounded Triangle 1.00mm picks.

Boston Herald - Bleu: His heart is in Boston 13
  "One of our city’s rockingest former locals, singer/songwriter Bleu - born William James McAuley III - has written a power-pop love letter to the Hub."
- Jed Gottlieb

MAGNET Magazine - Guest Editor 12
  See what Bleu has to say about 14 of his favorite things as he guest edited MAGNET Magazine's website the week of his US CD release for FOUR: Ice Station Zebra recording studio, Children of Men, Yuengling beerSouth ParkGrits,  AMF’s Midtown Lanes and World On Wheels, Scott Simon's Facebook "Wallbombs",  Gyu-Kaku, Louis C.K., Taylor Locke & The Roughs, Deep Ellum, Blindness, Egon Schiele, and Jellyfish
  Q&A with Magnet - http://www.magnetmagazine.com/2010/11/01/qa-with-bleu/

Hyperbolium - A Critical Element 11
  "This is a terrifically accomplished release that’s written, played and sung with deep emotion and seemingly effortless polish."

Buzzine Music - File Under ‘Story-teller’ 17
  "Like a good old fashioned album, we’re afforded moments to laugh, moments to cry.  ...It’s both great irony and testimony to Bleu’s artistic abilities, that an artist who has made a good living writing for teen stars has produced one of the most mature albums of the year." - Andrew Shaw

Huffington Post - Triple Threat Friday Conversation with Bleu 09
  "This album has a Springsteen feel with Brill Building aesthetics"
- Mike Ragogna

Altsounds.com - The Lowdown (interview) 08
  Bleu: "I see the money and power slowly shifting from the privileged few to the talented many"

Ryan's Smashing Life - rslblog.com 07
  "In what we are calling one of the most anxiously awaited new albums of 2010, Bleu will release the new full-length Four on Nov 2nd. Based on what we are hearing it is the Boston-native's best album to date, signaling (perhaps more importantly) a new stage is his artistic career and professional identity."
- Ryan Spaulding

Uber Rock UK - Track by track review of FOUR 16
  "...I believe in Bleu...How could I not? He's firing on all cylinders lately and shows no sign of fatigue." - Russ Prothero

LA Weekly 05
  "Turns out Bleu has fans, and fans with deep pockets. His Kickstarter campaign raised $40,000 in pledges, and his latest album Four will be released in November on his own cheekily named The Major Label. And, yes, the album lives up to its promise as a stick of power-pop dynamite."
- Kevin Bronson

Kickstarter Blog - "Blockbusters" 04
  "The project took off like a shot (almost $20k on day one), and it’s never slowed down. The video is excellent, and he’s kept the momentum by setting new goals and milestones with project updates. An exceptional project."
(on how to create a "Blockbuster" Kickstarter project)

NME - Best Free Weekly Downloads 03
  Singin' In Tongues

Twangville - Albums of The Month 02
  "It’s hard not to hear a Bleu song and smile. His enthusiasm and joy for music is infectious. Look no further than “Singin’ in Tongues,” the rocking opening track of his latest release."
- Mayer Danzig

Red Hot Velvet 01
  "Dynamic, bursting with hooks and polished yet highly personal, Four is the gifted singer/songwriter/producer’s fourth release – complete with Kodachrome photograph of a four-year-old Bleu with his father gracing the cover."
- Red

The Boston Globe 01
  "Bleu’s back in town, and he’s doing exactly what he promises on “One Day,’’ a sweeping power ballad from his just-released solo album, “A Watched Pot.’’ He’s having the last laugh at hard times, and with good reason."
- Jonathan Perry
  http://www.boston.com/ (direct link)

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